Chipotle-Lime Shrimp Tacos

Last October, I took a cooking class at Sur la Table to learn to make street tacos. In the class, we learned how to make homemade tortillas, al pastor, chipotle-lime shrimp, and rajas tacos. I have finally gotten around to making the chipotle-lime shrimp tacos again, and they are delicious! Maybe one day I’ll make theContinue reading “Chipotle-Lime Shrimp Tacos”

Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp

If you want to take your mouth on a quick vacation to Hawaii, look no further than this recipe for crispy coconut shrimp. I love making this recipe with a side of peppers – either mini sweet or Shishito peppers. Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp Yield: 4 Servings Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 10 minutesContinue reading “Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp”

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